Privacy Policy

Subtext, by it's nature, requires players to provide personal information. The privacy of our players and their data is of the utmost importance. Your personal information is transmitted and stored securely, and is never given to advertisers or used to track you outside of the game.

What we collect

Most of the information we collect is explicitly requested during the player registration process. This includes your email address and phone number. Additional non-personal information (like your time zone) is also recorded at this time. Messages and phone calls between you and the game are recorded, so you should not send sensitive information to game characters. As you play, the system may attempt to guess other related facts about you, such as your name, and this inferred information will be added to your profile. To request a complete log of the data in your player profile, or to request that this data be deleted, send a message to

When you register, you can choose to provide additional information (such as a mailing address) so that you can experience bonus game content. Providing this information is completely optional, and its use is governed by the same protections and stipulations as the rest of the information in your profile.

How we use it

Your phone number is used to send you SMS messages and phone calls from game characters, and your email address can help you retrieve your account if anything goes wrong. Other information is used to personalize your experience (for example, characters may refer to you by name). Non-personal usage and progress data may be use in aggregate to help improve the game and fix bugs.

As part of core game features, Subtext makes use of several third-party service providers, including:

These companies' access to your personal information is limited to the bare minimum necessary to provide their respective services.


First-party cookies are used to identify players as they visit websites related to the game, to maintain the consistency of the experience. The personal information you provide Subtext during registration (like your phone number) is never used for marketing or analytics purposes.


Please do not play Subtext unless you are at least 13 years old. Subtext does not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13.